Computer Related Full Forms .

From Pexel

COMPUTER : Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research.(there is a hypothetical full form of Computer)

CPU : Central Processing Unit.

IP : Internet Protocol.

LAPTOP : Lightweight Analytical Platform Total Optimise Power.

RAM : Random Access Memory.

ROM : Read Only Memory.

Prom : Programmable Read Only Memory.

FDD : Floppy Disk Drive.

HDD : Hard Disk Drive.

CD : Compact Disk.

VDU : Visual Display Unit.

DVD : Digital Video Disc.

LCD : Liquid Crystal Display.

LED : Light Emitting Diode.

PDF : Portable Document Format.

USB : Universal Serial Bus.

UPS : Uninterrupted Power Supply.

HDMI : High Definition Multimedia Interface.

BIOS : Basic Input Output System.

SMPS : Switch Mode Power Supply.

SSD : Solid State Drive.

VGA : Video Graphics Array.

NTFS : New Technology File System.

MMC : Multi Media Card.

LAN : Local Area Network.

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